Addiction and Recovery


You can recover from addiction.

Together we can help you or a loved one overcome addiction. There are evidence-based models to explore together that can help you:

  • Decide if you have an addiction.
  • Learn about the genetics of addiction.
  • Read about alcohol, tranquilizers, marijuana, cocaine, and opioids.
  • Learn relapse prevention skills that will improve your chances of success.
  • Learn how to help a family member with an addiction.

Often, people who struggled with addiction were thought to be weak. Society viewed addiction as a moral failing of an individual rather than what it actually is, a health issue. Today, there is a better understanding of addiction based on long-term research and studies. Genetic factors account for 40-60% possibility of a person becoming addicted. The rest is thought to be environment and life events.

With over twenty-eight years of personal life experience in addiction recovery and my background in mental health, I have a unique understanding and ability to assist you and the disease of addiction. I look forward to speaking to you and listening to your needs, wherever you are in your process.

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